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First Choice Luxury Vinyl Plank provides of remarkable years carefree use. First Choice LVP is considered the most beautiful, most realistic looking LVP on the market and the most durable. Cleaning and maintenance is much easier than other flooring.

Residential Care & Maintenance Guide

Prevent scratching by using floor coasters on the bottom of the feet of chairs, tables and any type of furniture. Do not drag any type of heavy material across your flooring.

Preventative Measures

Do not allow flooring to be subjected to any type of standing water
Avoid tracking in any type of petroleum based products including tar and asphalt
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for extended amount of time, such exposures may cause discoloration
Avoid using the following cleaning products on you First Choice LVP Floors:
Soap based detergents
Wet Swiffers
Abrasive or Shine Products
Floor Wax, Ammonia, or Bleach
Vacuum Cleaners
Use ONLY cleaners that are made specifically for Luxury Vinyl Plank